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Ultimately, you choose a photographer based on his or her work. There are a number of other factors that enter in—personality, price, services offered—but the bottom line is that you love the photos. My work has evolved over the years; as styles and technology and many other things have changed, so have we. We strive for a classic, yet contemporary, journalistic feel to our work. We want our clients to enjoy the process on their wedding day, so we work hard to keep the mood light where appropriate and to always be as unobtrusive as possible. Most important of all, the pictures are beautiful. Take a look through our wedding gallery, as well as our blog posts—I think you’ll see what I mean better than I could possibly express it in words.

Professionalism–TWP is a full-time studio, and this is all I do. Photography has been my passion since my college days, and it’s the only thing I’ve ever done since then to make a living. I’m super-proud of the many hundreds of happy clients we’ve had, and the lasting relationships we have with many of them. This is largely a service business, and we always keep that in mind.

The Golden Rule–We offer a full range of products and services, and have many years of experience in the field. We approach the business with the simple, old-fashioned Golden Rule in mind, and treat our clients right. All of them, every time. We do it all in the best way possible, so you’ll have amazing photos to keep your wedding day memories alive.

  • Our three-person team–I’m really proud of our team approach. Lots of studios offer a second photographer, but that person is usually responsible for assisting in other ways, too (lighting, setting up groups, etc.). My second photographer can concentrate on the unique angles and details and journalistic photos that will make our story of your day unlike any other. This is because we also have an assistant with us to handle all those other things (and much more).
  • Working with you to establish a timeline–The level of pre-planning we do with our clients is just about unheard of, and the reason goes back to treating our clients as we’d want to be treated. Most couples planning a wedding have never hired a photographer, and just being a good consumer can be difficult! So we’ll talk with you in detail about how you want your day to go, what family groups you want, the locations, etc., so you can be confident that your wedding day will go smoothly and you’ll get everything you want. Ask the wedding coordinators at any venue around, and they’ll tell you that our weddings almost always run like clockwork. It’s definitely the way to go, and will allow you to really enjoy the day.
  • We always back up your images–Immediately after the wedding, your images will be backed up on two hard drives within hours of our return to the studio. Even after all your orders are complete, we keep every wedding on special archive drives.
  • Editing the images–We go through all the photos we shoot, and eliminate repetition, eye blinks…and the occasional not-so-great picture! Then, every remaining photo is edited for exposure, color balance, etc., so they look great!

I get it!  That’s often the first thing I look for when I go to a website, too! To be completely candid, I want to discourage people from shopping based strictly on price. I understand that it’s a factor in your decision, but if it’s the only one, I may not be the best choice for you. Our clients place a high priority on the incredible record of their day that we provide, and understand that there’s a lot that goes into what we do. I always want to have an opportunity to talk with new prospective clients about their plans, what they’d like, and what we might be able to work out for them. We offer discounts for smaller events (depending on the date), short-notice bookings, etc., so it’s important that we get more information than we usually see in an initial request for information. Oh, our prices are very competitive with the other top photographers in the area. We’re definitely more than many photographers out there, but the value we offer is second to none. And we’re a lot less than many others, too!

Yes, we do…and many photographers don’t bother with this. We’ll be happy to provide a proof of insurance certificate if you need it. (Please allow at least a couple of weeks for this.)

The choice is yours–We shoot everything in color, and this is the way you’ll see them initially. However, any photo ordered or included in an album can be converted to B&W. And while we’re on this subject, I notice that a lot of photographers post muddy, flat B&W images on their websites (and this should be their best work)—I take a lot of pride in our B&W conversions, and they look beautiful! 

In a word, yes–I’m there for virtually all of our weddings, along with my second photographer and our assistant. There are a few occasions each year, however, where we book an Associate Photographer with her own assistant. This would be at a considerably lower rate than when I’m at the wedding, but you’ll get all the same great customer service that we’re so known for. We can discuss this in more detail if you’re interested.

It’s the best–We use top quality Nikon cameras and their professional series lenses, and we always travel with backup equipment, just in case. Our lighting equipment, photo labs and album companies are also top-of-the-line.

Only if the wedding is more than two hours from Albany. If it’s much more than two hours, we’ll probably stay overnight or, in some circumstances, hire a car and driver. Since the details of this would vary so much, let’s talk about it!

You name the location, we’ll be there–We love to travel for weddings, so don’t hesitate to ask. No matter where you’re getting married, we’d love to be there with you!

Sure! We have an eight hour minimum on Saturdays from May through the end of October, but we can definitely be more flexible on Fridays and Sundays, even during the season. Off-season rates are discounted considerably from our regular price list; since there are so many variables, we always work up a custom quote for these events.

We work really fast, so you don’t have to wait–I know how anxious I’d be to see my wedding photos, so we work hard to get them posted online for as soon as possible. Most weddings are online 1-2 weeks after the big day. Depending on when your wedding is and how many we have leading up to it, it could be as little as five days or as long as three weeks, but never more than that.

There’s a pretty big range on this one, because the weddings we shoot vary so much. Typically, though, our clients get about 1,000-1,500 photos on their Flash Drive (edited down from the total we shoot).

Yes, we always write up a contract when a client books us. This helps both you and me to know exactly what is included in the package, and all the other details. It also protects you from any price increases before your wedding. When the contract is signed, we ask for a $750 retainer, since we’ll be holding the date for you.

I recommend that we meet to go over all the wedding day details (in person or on the phone) about 5-6 months before the wedding. This will allow you to make other appointments, such as for your hair and makeup. Of course, we can make changes as necessary, but this will give you a good starting point. Also, it always helps to be able to see the day laid out in black and white.

We have a lot of flexibility with late fall, winter, and early spring pricing. A lot! This is definitely where we can offer the very best prices for the year.

Again—yes. This would depend on the exact date, the size of the wedding, etc., but I’d be happy to give you a quote.

Contact us for detailed information on packages and pricing, or to arrange a meeting to see more of our work and discuss your wedding photography in detail.