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renaissance hotel wedding–stephanie & craig

Wow, is it really the first week of November? This wedding season has been crazy (in all the right ways) and we can’t believe it’s coming to an end. We were lucky enough to capture a bunch of absolutely incredible fall weddings, with Stephanie & Craig’s amazing Renaissance Hotel day being no exception.

They got married at the fabulous Renaissance Albany Hotel in mid-October. Unsurprisingly, the forecast wasn’t too promising–a high likelihood of scattered showers all day. We took the risk and explored Albany’s downtown, anyway–thankfully, the rain held off long enough for us to get a few portraits of Stephanie & Craig outside. A huge bonus to shooting at the Renaissance Hotel is that the place is absolutely beautiful, so having to do photos inside isn’t an issue when the weather is unforgiving.

Spending the day with Stephanie & Craig was such a pleasure. They’re both super sweet, and their wedding party was a blast. We loved Stephanie’s style and all of her details…check out those red soles! She was smashing in her dress from Angela’s Bridal (of course), and the crew from Jenna’s Salon made everyone look beautiful. The Flowers by Pesha florals were amazing (as always). And then when it was time to party–who better than New York Players to get that going!

Their day was awesome all around, and we’re happy we were able to capture it. We’re wishing them nothing but the best!


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erlowest wedding–marisa & matt

There’s a story behind this one! I got a call from Marisa just about three months before their wedding–their photographer had bailed on them, and they were really upset about the situation…understandably! Luckily, I had their date open, we clicked right from the start, and all was good. I say luckily here, because Marisa & Matt turned out to be an absolutely awesome, super fun couple to work with.

Their October wedding day was perfect–sunny and warm–but there was virtually no foliage to be seen! We had talked about accenting the foliage in our photos, but there was literally one tree on the Inn at Erlowest property that was showing its amazing fall color. Oh, well…best laid plans and all that! Everything else about this day was perfect, though! We were able to get out on the lake in the Inn’s spectacular 42′ Hacker Craft–it’s always a highlight for any Lake George wedding to be able to get out on the water. Oh, and Matt plays a pretty mean guitar, too! He stepped up with his beautiful Gibson Les Paul, and played with Grand Central Station for a couple of songs…impressive! 😉

Even though our initial meeting wasn’t under ideal circumstances for Marisa & Matt, I’m so glad we connected. Here’s to a great couple–all the best from TWP for a lifetime of happiness!

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lucas confectionery wedding–devlyn & tyler

Devlyn and Tyler. Emma Willard School. Lucas Confectionery. A great couple with amazing taste and style, and then some fabulous locations for photos. This was nothing short of an awesome day for us, and I’m thrilled to share our story of it.

But let’s back up a little bit first. Last September, we did a great engagement session–click here for a refresher on that. Started at a coffee shop, went to their house, then downtown. As always, though, the conversation and getting to know each other is easily half of what’s both fun and important about doing this type of shoot. I knew right away that we were going to have a great experience together–Devlyn’s sarcastic sense of humor is right up my alley, and Tyler cracks me up with his deadpan approach and unique perspective.

On the wedding day, Devlyn looked absolutely smashing in her dress from Yvonne’s. Like smashing, I said…you’ll see. We all went over to Emma Willard School in Troy for the first look, portraits, and family groups. It would be hard to beat this incredible location for an impressive look and feel…it’s grand, dramatic, and unique in the area. Then we were off to Lucas Confectionery for more photos, the ceremony, and reception. If you’ve been to Lucas, you’ll get it–it’s a completely out of the box venue for a wedding, but so cool, in a bunch of different ways. Holly and her crew were great to work with, and had a handle on every detail. The flowers from Anthology Studio enhanced the Lucas vibe perfectly.

As I said up at the top of this post, we had a really fantastic day with Devlyn and Tyler, and loved working to get photos that reflect their choices and personalities. I hope you enjoy the photos!

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paradox lake wedding–kristen & jason

You know how sometimes you just feel lucky? That’s the way I felt when I got the first email from Kristen back in July, asking for information about shooting her wedding. I remember seeing the email, and noticing that the wedding date was 9/17, and thinking shoot, there’s no way I’ll be open on a Saturday in September. I was a little bummed—25 people on a beach on Paradox Lake in the Adirondacks…I’m there every time! Somehow, though, we were open, and long story short, she booked us (obvi…).

Over the next few weeks, Kristen and I had a really nice back and forth email exchange, and as I got to know her a little bit, I started to realize how incredibly cool this wedding was going to be. Well, realistically, I was hoping, but I was getting just a perfect vibe from her…laid back, but not too much, you know? When I sent the first draft of our timeline, I told her I hoped it didn’t look too structured—she replied that it was great, and “a little structure never hurt anybody”. I knew she was my girl right then!

But still, we never met in person until the wedding day, so I was wondering if all my preconceptions were on point…or…who knows! We walked in to the house, and I saw Kristen’s beautiful Anthropologie dress hanging up…and I knew the day was going to be perfect. Don’t ask me why that one little thing hit me like that!

I think you’ll see in the photos below how the day felt–for us, and for Kristen & Jason. It was pure magic, from the getting-ready photos, to getting Jason and heading out to the First Look (with their dog fully participating, as well), to the most chill portrait session ever, to the beach ceremony on Paradox Lake. All so much fun! We always feel honored to be part of our clients’ wedding day, and love the fact that couples plan events that suit their own taste and style.

Much love to this amazing couple, and our best wishes for a lifetime of happiness.

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