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wallis & joel, sacred heart church, lake george, and the sagamore resort, bolton landing, ny

Now this right here is one interesting couple. Want to do things like everybody else? These are definitely NOT your people!

So first, we had a cool downtown Albany engagement session, including Wallis & Joel’s very chill boxer Apollo. Check it out here. Wallis told me in advance that Joel had a surprise for me…this can be an area of concern, but even though I only knew Joel a little bit at that point, I wasn’t worried. (See outfit #2 in this shoot.)

All through the year, Wallis shared a lot of details about the plans for the wedding day, and every single time I was thinking well, I’ve never seen that before…sounds cool, and definitely unique. To say she had a vision would be an understatement. One example–Joel is a plumber, so who better to make the napkin rings by cutting up copper pipe, right? Wallis worked closely with Deryck DeMatas on the style and design of the florals and decorations–I’ve never seen a Shelving Rock reception look anything like this…really amazing work.

And then, of course, there’s Wallis herself. Beautiful, a mind of her own, and a fabulous sense of taste and style. You’ll see what I mean. She and Joel make an amazing couple, and we wish them a lifetime of happiness. Enjoy the photos of this wild day!

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sara & mark, jimbo’s club at the point, brant lake, ny

We feel so incredibly lucky! Every single couple we’ve worked with through this very busy fall has been amazing…just a great bunch of people. And once again, Sara & Mark…no exception! We really loved working them and their super fun wedding party. This was our first wedding at Jimbo’s Club at Point o’ Pines Camp on Brant Lake—we’ll gladly go back there anytime! And we got to work with a new friend, stylist extraordinaire Erica Maloy, along with an old friend, DJ Paul Malo. The Jimbo’s staff rocked it, and the whole day had a super easy, smooth vibe.

But you know what they say, right? All of that good stuff comes directly from the bride and groom…and we agree. Smart, fun, together people who so obviously care for each other…this is why we’re in this business.

So a big, big thank you to Sara & Mark for having us document this incredible day. You guys rock, for sure, and we appreciate being a part of it all.

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suzie & robert, the hall of springs, saratoga springs, ny

We’ve had a bunch of amazing weddings this season–here’s another one to feast your eyes on! Suzie and Robert are a fabulous, interesting, super-smart couple, and we were so honored to be a part of their day. From the beginning, Suzie placed her trust in us to capture the feel of the day…not just the superficial, but the essence of what made this day so special. Suzie’s personality shines through in these photos–we truly loved not just working with her and Robert, but even more so, getting to know them. I’ve rarely seen the Hall of Springs look so amazing–a big shout out goes to On Thai of Surroundings Floral Design, and Rachel Jenack of Total Events…these two killed it, and created a vibe that was nothing short of incredible.

I hope you enjoy the unique look and feel of our story in photos…

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claudia & ben, the sagamore resort, bolton landing, ny

Our Sagamore weddings have all been jackpot winners of late, and this one is no exception. Claudia & Ben are truly one of the most likable, endearing couples you’ll meet–genuine and warm and just plain nice people. I met them through another TWP couple, Emily and Jesse Conti, when Ben was a groomsman in their wedding. But wait till you see these photos–what an amazing wedding they put together. The plan was different from most Sagamore events, as 320 guests meant that the reception was held in the Conference Center. The ballroom there is big, but with the help of Surroundings Floral Design (florals, table design, and easily a zillion candles), Total Events (lighting, draping, etc.), and Tonya from Pellegrini Events (event coordination), it was amazingly grand and yet somehow intimate at the same time…truly spectacular, in a world where words like that are sometimes overused.

Backing up, the Shelving Rock cocktail hour was amazing in itself, as was the beautiful outdoor ceremony, performed by Dolly Harris, a close friend of Claudia & Ben. When couples plan an October wedding in the Adirondacks, they’re not really expecting 80 degrees, but that’s what we had, and it was fabulous–the post-ceremony cruise in Ben’s dad’s 1929 (!!!) Baby Gar was a huge highlight for me. Backing up further was Claudia & Ben’s intimate and beautiful First Look–these moments often make great photos, in addition to being a rare alone moment for the bride and groom on their wedding day, but even so, this one was special.

And following the theme of working backwards here, check out Claudia & Ben’s very cool summer engagement session. I already mentioned how cool Claudia & Ben are to work with, but this session was the first time I fully realized just what a spectacular bride Claudia would make.

See for yourself–it’s about the photos now…enjoy!

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