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sacred heart church and the sagamore wedding–martha & michael

This wedding came to TWP as a referral from Wendy Lawrence Weddings & Events–thanks, Wendy, it’s always great having the confidence of other pros in the business! And especially when the clients are as awesome as Martha and Michael turned out to be!

Getting to know clients in person is always such an important part of the equation, so it all felt even better when we met in the spring to go over the timeline for the wedding day–this is when I knew for sure this was going to be a spectacular one for us. Martha and Michael are not only a gorgeous couple, but they have style, humor, and personality all day long. The wedding day in October was chilly (or freezing, depending on your perspective) and rainy. It was pretty much a downpour for a good part of the day, so we had our challenges. Luckily for all, the rain let up quite a bit just about when we were set to start the wedding party groups and Martha and Michael’s portraits. No matter the season or the weather, the Sagamore offers photo opportunities that are hard to beat, so we were still able to do some pretty cool outdoor photos. This wasn’t the weather that most people would wish for on their wedding day, but from our perspective, it was sort of nice to do photos that look so different.

Btw, the flowers are by the always amazing On Thai of Surroundings Floral Design; Gwen and Amy from Blush 518 worked their hair and makeup magic; the Accents provided the evening’s entertainment, and the decor was by the fabulous crew at Fine Affairs. Awesome work by all!

All our best to Martha and Michael–TWP was happy to be a pert of your day and wish you a lifetime of happiness! Hope we see you guys again soon!

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family session at m&d farm, westerlo, ny

What an incredibly cool family… We did a super fun family session a couple of years ago with Lori, Nate and their adorable baby girl Madi in downtown Albany–here’s the blog post for that one. We had a great shoot, and I’ve thought of these guys often. Fast forward two years–Madi is now three, and she has a new little brother named Jacob. I was pumped when I got the call from Nate saying it was time for an update, and immediately started thinking of location ideas. It can be tricky to schedule shoots during foliage season, so I was honestly kind of nervous when I called Nate one morning to suggest that we meet at M&D Farm in Westerlo…later that same day. Oops! Who would even ask parents of two small children to pull everything together in like six hours. Well, somehow they managed it! (Thanks, guys!)

This was my first visit to M&D Farm–I’d seen a few photos and had heard it’s awesome from some photographer friends, so I was jazzed to try it out for myself. I’ll say this–the stories were true! First of all–the owners, Mario and Daniel, are fantastic. Showed me all around, and couldn’t have been more hospitable. The property has a ton of unique and very cool nooks and crannies and and beautiful wide open spaces, as well. When Lori & Nate and the kids showed up a few minutes later, I had a plan in mind–we took good advantage of this amazing location. Definitely can’t wait to shoot there again.

Hope you love these photos–let me know if you’d like to book a shoot for your family, too. And all the best to Lori & Nate and the kids! Hope to see you again soon.

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lucas confectionery wedding–devlyn & tyler

Devlyn and Tyler. Emma Willard School. Lucas Confectionery. A great couple with amazing taste and style, and then some fabulous locations for photos. This was nothing short of an awesome day for us, and I’m thrilled to share our story of it.

But let’s back up a little bit first. Last September, we did a great engagement session–click here for a refresher on that. Started at a coffee shop, went to their house, then downtown. As always, though, the conversation and getting to know each other is easily half of what’s both fun and important about doing this type of shoot. I knew right away that we were going to have a great experience together–Devlyn’s sarcastic sense of humor is right up my alley, and Tyler cracks me up with his deadpan approach and unique perspective.

On the wedding day, Devlyn looked absolutely smashing in her dress from Yvonne’s. Like smashing, I said…you’ll see. We all went over to Emma Willard School in Troy for the first look, portraits, and family groups. It would be hard to beat this incredible location for an impressive look and feel…it’s grand, dramatic, and unique in the area. Then we were off to Lucas Confectionery for more photos, the ceremony, and reception. If you’ve been to Lucas, you’ll get it–it’s a completely out of the box venue for a wedding, but so cool, in a bunch of different ways. Holly and her crew were great to work with, and had a handle on every detail. The flowers from Anthology Studio enhanced the Lucas vibe perfectly.

As I said up at the top of this post, we had a really fantastic day with Devlyn and Tyler, and loved working to get photos that reflect their choices and personalities. I hope you enjoy the photos!

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paradox lake wedding–kristen & jason

You know how sometimes you just feel lucky? That’s the way I felt when I got the first email from Kristen back in July, asking for information about shooting her wedding. I remember seeing the email, and noticing that the wedding date was 9/17, and thinking shoot, there’s no way I’ll be open on a Saturday in September. I was a little bummed—25 people on a beach on Paradox Lake in the Adirondacks…I’m there every time! Somehow, though, we were open, and long story short, she booked us (obvi…).

Over the next few weeks, Kristen and I had a really nice back and forth email exchange, and as I got to know her a little bit, I started to realize how incredibly cool this wedding was going to be. Well, realistically, I was hoping, but I was getting just a perfect vibe from her…laid back, but not too much, you know? When I sent the first draft of our timeline, I told her I hoped it didn’t look too structured—she replied that it was great, and “a little structure never hurt anybody”. I knew she was my girl right then!

But still, we never met in person until the wedding day, so I was wondering if all my preconceptions were on point…or…who knows! We walked in to the house, and I saw Kristen’s beautiful Anthropologie dress hanging up…and I knew the day was going to be perfect. Don’t ask me why that one little thing hit me like that!

I think you’ll see in the photos below how the day felt–for us, and for Kristen & Jason. It was pure magic, from the getting-ready photos, to getting Jason and heading out to the First Look (with their dog fully participating, as well), to the most chill portrait session ever, to the beach ceremony on Paradox Lake. All so much fun! We always feel honored to be part of our clients’ wedding day, and love the fact that couples plan events that suit their own taste and style.

Much love to this amazing couple, and our best wishes for a lifetime of happiness.

fra-str-0034 fra-str-0365-2 fra-str-0438 fra-str-0467 fra-str-0549 First Look fra-str-0629 First Look fra-str-0723-2 First Look fra-str-0925-2 fra-str-0940 fra-str-1039-2 fra-str-1053 fra-str-1165 Paradox Lake fra-str-1262 fra-str-1381 fra-str-1435 fra-str-1596-2 fra-str-1604 fra-str-1730-2 fra-str-1741 fra-str-1773-2 Paradox Lake Paradox Lake fra-str-1957-2 fra-str-1964 fra-str-1966-2 fra-str-1978 fra-str-2147