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claudia & ben, the sagamore resort, bolton landing, ny

Our Sagamore weddings have all been jackpot winners of late, and this one is no exception. Claudia & Ben are truly one of the most likable, endearing couples you’ll meet–genuine and warm and just plain nice people. I met them through another TWP couple, Emily and Jesse Conti, when Ben was a groomsman in their wedding. But wait till you see these photos–what an amazing wedding they put together. The plan was different from most Sagamore events, as 320 guests meant that the reception was held in the Conference Center. The ballroom there is big, but with the help of Surroundings Floral Design (florals, table design, and easily a zillion candles), Total Events (lighting, draping, etc.), and Tonya from Pellegrini Events (event coordination), it was amazingly grand and yet somehow intimate at the same time…truly spectacular, in a world where words like that are sometimes overused.

Backing up, the Shelving Rock cocktail hour was amazing in itself, as was the beautiful outdoor ceremony, performed by Dolly Harris, a close friend of Claudia & Ben. When couples plan an October wedding in the Adirondacks, they’re not really expecting 80 degrees, but that’s what we had, and it was fabulous–the post-ceremony cruise in Ben’s dad’s 1929 (!!!) Baby Gar was a huge highlight for me. Backing up further was Claudia & Ben’s intimate and beautiful First Look–these moments often make great photos, in addition to being a rare alone moment for the bride and groom on their wedding day, but even so, this one was special.

And following the theme of working backwards here, check out Claudia & Ben’s very cool summer engagement session. I already mentioned how cool Claudia & Ben are to work with, but this session was the first time I fully realized just what a spectacular bride Claudia would make.

See for yourself–it’s about the photos now…enjoy!

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kelley & luke at the sagamore, bolton landing, ny

These two…what can I say? We met Kelley & Luke last fall at the Sagamore Menu Tasting event, and hit it off right from the beginning. Every email and phone call with Kelley had me laughing–she’s so fun and spontaneous. Beautiful, too, as you’re about to see! And, to top it off, we got super lucky with the weather–just a light overcast to soften the sun…I’ll take that any day.

I always say I like big wedding parties…lots of energy and fun. So this group of 31, including six kids, was awesome! And a very cool mob they were, as well…loved them. Btw, that’s Kelley’s Aunt Grace officiating the ceremony–always so nice when someone so close to the bride and groom is in this role. But, if I were going to list a few things that really stand out to me from this wedding, I would be sure to include Kelley & Luke’s cool, sophisticated style (Kelley rocked that dress like no other…amazing!), along with how incredibly fun they were to be around all day. As it happened, we were back at the Sagamore just two days after this wedding, and I bumped into Kelley & Luke taking a walk around the property before heading home–we had a nice chat about how spectacular their wedding day was, and I was reminded again of what an honor it is to get to work with each and every one of our couples.

A big thank you to Kelley & Luke for having us–all the best to you both! Hope you love our story of your wedding.

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caitlin & vince, , the sagamore resort, bolton landing, ny

I think you’re going to love this one! Caitlin & Vince put together a beautiful Sagamore wedding with a great team of vendors. First, Gwen and Amy from Blush 518 did their amazing work on hair and makeup for the girls. Next, Renaissance Floral Design provided spectacular flowers, and finally, The Accents band was amazing, as always–the perfect balance of fun, classy, and high energy. Not to mention the Sagamore itself–a truly world-class venue with attention to every detail.

We had an amazing day with this great couple and their friends and families. Enjoy the photos!

Gro-Ber 0040 LR

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christina & jason, hoboken/weehawken, nj engagement session

From the beginning, I was excited to work with Christina & Jason–a super nice, smart, fun, classy couple planning a beautiful Sagamore wedding for Summer 2018. And now that we’ve had this chance to spend some time together and get to know each other better, all the more so! I’d never shot in Hoboken before, but I knew there would be a beautiful view of the Manhattan skyline. We had to wait a while for the light to get just right, but it was worth it–when it finally all came together, it was spectacular.

We can’t wait for this wedding, and hope you enjoy the photos…

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