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caitlin & vince, , the sagamore resort, bolton landing, ny

I think you’re going to love this one! Caitlin & Vince put together a beautiful Sagamore wedding with a great team of vendors. First, Gwen and Amy from Blush 518 did their amazing work on hair and makeup for the girls. Next, Renaissance Floral Design provided spectacular flowers, and finally, The Accents band was amazing, as always–the perfect balance of fun, classy, and high energy. Not to mention the Sagamore itself–a truly world-class venue with attention to every detail.

We had an amazing day with this great couple and their friends and families. Enjoy the photos!

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christina & jason, hoboken/weehawken, nj engagement session

From the beginning, I was excited to work with Christina & Jason–a super nice, smart, fun, classy couple planning a beautiful Sagamore wedding for Summer 2018. And now that we’ve had this chance to spend some time together and get to know each other better, all the more so! I’d never shot in Hoboken before, but I knew there would be a beautiful view of the Manhattan skyline. We had to wait a while for the light to get just right, but it was worth it–when it finally all came together, it was spectacular.

We can’t wait for this wedding, and hope you enjoy the photos…

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maria & dan, johnsburg, ny, and the sagamore, bolton landing, ny

It’s not every week that we shoot essentially two events in the same day, and that’s not all that was unique about Maria & Dan’s awesome wedding day. We set off really early for Maria’s family’s home in Johnsburg, northwest of Warrensburg. The house and property are spectacular–such a pretty spot they have. Christine Wheat was on hand to set up and keep everything on track for the 10:30 AM ceremony, which was held in the field just outside the house. Maria’s dad is Swedish, thus the Viking elements incorporated into the ceremony–unique and interesting and meaningful…loved it. Once the swords and rings were exchanged, an amazing brunch was served, and a very impressive spread it was. After photos around the property with the bride and groom, families, and wedding party, we headed down to Bolton Landing and the Sagamore. More photos there, and it was time for dinner, dancing (shout out here to the Boston-based band Eye2Eye), and that awesome vibe that only the Sagamore has.

Enjoy the photos of Maria & Dan’s big day. All our best wishes to another great TWP couple!

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meghan & brian’s wedding, basin harbor club, vergennes, vt

Meghan & Brian’s wedding… This couple, this day, this location. The fun, the emotion, and the story. What an amazing wedding this was. Meghan & Brian are one of those couples that just fit, so naturally, that you can’t imagine them not getting married, and their wedding weekend on the shores of Lake Champlain in Vermont was spectacular in a thousand ways. The Basin Harbor Club was the perfect choice of venue for these two–perfect Vermont vibe, perfect service and guest accommodations, and yes, perfect views on the lake.

From our first meeting, it felt like I had known Meghan and Brian for years. All of our conversations throughout the planning stages were fun, and I knew that would carry over to an awesome group of friends and family. You may recall our super fun Saratoga Springs engagement session, utilizing some classic Saratoga locations, and featuring Meghan’s beautiful daughter Charlotte.

We arrived at Basin Harbor in time to check in and shoot the rehearsal–this was where I first met the wedding party and “M&B’s” parents, and it confirmed my prediction that this would be a truly great, fun event. We drove up to Vergennes in a hard rain, but the weather cleared about 15 miles south of our destination, and we remained in a pocket of perfect weather throughout the weekend. Everything went off without a hitch, and I think you’ll get a feel for all of this that I’ve written from our photos below…enjoy!

But first, a shout out to all the wedding pros who made this day work so well, especially Anne and Dawn at Basin Harbor Club, and our good friends Lauren and Jeremy from LaRose Media (video). Huge thanks to all.


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