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susie & steve — a spectacular wedding at the cathedral of the immaculate conception, albany, and franklin plaza, troy

What can I say about this amazing couple and their beautiful wedding day? Well, I can definitely say it was a truly great way to get the 2017 wedding season underway for all of us at TWP. And that they were super easy-going and fun to work with all day long.  Oh, yes, and that they’re a beautiful couple to photograph, too. And I don’t want to forget their wedding party and families in my list of superlatives…all great, fun people to work with.

So we started out with the guys getting ready in Troy, and the girls at Susie’s parents’ house in Glenmont. You can always sense how the day will go within minutes of arriving and starting to shoot, and we knew right away that this would be fun. Really fun. One of Susie’s bridesmaids was a former TWP bride, so it was awesome seeing Christie and , later on, her husband Matt. Then it was on to the Cathedral in downtown Albany—no photographer I know complains about shooting in this amazing church. In spite of a pretty intimidating weather forecast right up to the day before the wedding, we were able to do our Wedding Party shots and some beautiful portraits of Susie & Steve outside, over at the State Ed. Building…yes, another photographer’s dream location. And, to top it all off, we ended our day at Franklin Plaza—from rooftop terrace photos, the always mind-blowing cocktail hour, watching the Kentucky Derby on the 12 foot screen in the amazing third floor lounge, then dinner and dancing…every minute of this day was spectacular.

A big thank you to Susie & Steve—it was an honor to be part of your day. Hope you enjoy our story in photos.

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a february wedding at glen sanders mansion, with lauren & frank

When you plan a February wedding at Glen Sanders Mansion, you dream of chilly temperatures, but not crazy cold. And a nice dusting of 3-4 inches of fresh snow the night before, just so everything is nice and clean and covered in white. You pray for no blizzard on your wedding day…but you might forget to include a line about no super warm day, either! Well…this late February wedding looks more like late April–the high of 68 degrees made for a very different kind of day than any of us had anticipated.

Well, if ever a couple were the type to roll with the punches, it’s definitely Lauren and Frank. Lauren is a little quieter, but I’ll never forget Frank’s laugh–even from across the room, it was evident that he was having a great time, and nothing as insignificant as the weather was going to change that. Lauren and her mom, Cindy, did an amazing job of putting together a truly spectacular event, and every detail was addressed. This wedding has a beautiful, traditional look–Lauren’s spectacular satin dress and Frank’s classic black tux…perfection.

Add to all of that a super fun wedding party, great families, an amazing ceremony at the Cathedral in Albany…you get the idea–it was a very special day. Hope you enjoy the photos.

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a winter wedding at glen sanders mansion–erica & alex

One of the more frustrating aspects of my business is coming up with new ways to describe our clients’ wedding days and how much we sincerely love working with them. I feel like all the superlatives have been used a hundred times, and there’s nothing new to be said. But that’s so unfair, because each and every one of our couples truly is unique and special…so I always do my best to tell a little of the story of their big day. So here goes, with Erica & Alex!

We first met at the Glen Sanders Mansion bridal show last winter, and immediately hit it off…sometimes, you just know. Our conversations over the next few months were always fun and funny, and as December approached, I was definitely pumped for this one. We met one last time a couple of weeks before the wedding, to go over our downtown Albany locations, and we agreed that a few inches of new snow would be key to making those photos rock. Of course, that means it’s cold–and you never know how people will be on the day when they’re freezing. So the day arrived, and it was perfect from beginning to end–we got the snow we wanted, the Wedding Party and both families were awesome to work with (of course, that goes double for Erica & Alex), our photo excursion to downtown Albany was fantastic, and Rabbi Anna Sugarman performed one of the most memorable ceremonies of the year for us. And then, there was a spectacular party where, as always happens, the Glen Sanders Mansion staff killed it!

All in all, it was a fabulous day for everyone involved, and that always comes down to an amazing couple. All our best wishes go out to Erica & Alex for a lifetime of happiness! Enjoy our photos from their day…

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a lake placid wedding at the whiteface lodge–marissa & cory

A Lake Placid wedding is bound to be beautiful any time of year, but in this quintessential winter sports area, a December wedding with a couple inches of fresh snow is going to be off the charts. And on this perfect winter day, we were also fortunate to work with a truly amazing couple–Marissa & Cory, along with friends and families, were super chill and fun to work with, all day long. The Whiteface Lodge is a dream-come-true venue from a photographer’s perspective–beautiful locations for photos everywhere you turn, and an authentic Adirondack vibe that’s hard to beat.

Every one of our weddings has moments that stand out in my mind–in this case a lot of them. Marissa getting into her gorgeous wedding dress, with help from her bridesmaids, including her twin sister Michelle; Marissa & Cory’s beautiful outdoor First Look, in the snow; their ceremony at St. Agnes Church; and the absolute insanity going on in the TWP PhotoBooth…wow! Not sure how I got pulled into a couple of those photos. 😉

All our best wishes to Marissa and Cory for a lifetime of happiness–can’t wait to work on the album from this one!


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