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lindsey & nick, the historic barns of nipmoose, buskirk, ny

We could hardly believe it when the big day finally arrived. After well over a year of emailing, phone calls, meetings, a venue change, an amazing two-stage engagement session, big worries about the weather just as the wedding day was very close…it finally came! And it was just as amazing as we knew it would be–how could it be anything less with a couple like Lindsey and Nick, truly great friends and families, and a spectacular location?

So first, here’s the link to their engagement session at The Mount, in Lenox, MA. All our conversations up to this point made me fully confident that we’d have an amazing time–both getting to know Lindsey and Nick better, and of course, getting some pretty awesome photos. These two have been together for a long time, since they were kids in high school, and the depth of their understanding of each other really showed.

We started off the wedding day at a house outside Bennington, VT, where Lindsey and Nick and their Wedding Party got ready for the day’s events. After a very cool First Look there (for this one, I wish you could hear the audio, too), we headed over to the barns at Nipmoose. For people who haven’t been there, even photos don’t entirely do it justice–there’s a vibe there that is truly unique. Words don’t fully suffice, so I hope you get a feel from our photos below.

All of Lindsey and Nick’s planning paid off beautifully. The outdoor ceremony in front of the aspens, dinner and dancing in the barns, the glow of the fire pits…all so beautiful. And Lindsey and Nick were absolutely perfect to work with, all day long–we hadĀ the best time with them. I only hope that our photos do this day justice, and that you get a feel for how amazing it was, from beginning to end. Enjoy…

A shout out to a team of amazing wedding professionals that helped make the day perfect… Belinda and her Seasons Catering team, beauty by Alexandria’s Salon, flowers by Fleurtacious Designs, Vinny Vin providing NonStop Music, and the wedding cake by Baked by Jordan. So great working with everyone on this one!

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hillary & dan, engagement photos, bolton landing, ny

I know I’ve said this before, but truly one of the things I love most about my business is the opportunity to meet and get to know these amazing couples I get to work with. Hillary & Dan are definitely another example of this–we had an awesome shoot, as you’ll see below, but also a really fun conversation, as well. And, on top of all that, I got to hang out with them on a perfect summer day on Lake George, so there’s that, too. We started a couple of hours before the sun set, but as the sun got lower in the sky, it got warmer and the light we had was just oh so beautiful. These are the days photographers dream about. Being out on the lake with Hillary’s father Brian being our skipper was truly the icing on the cake.

I can’t wait for what is sure to be another rockin’ Sagamore wedding next year. In the meantime, enjoy these photos, and cheers to Hillary & Dan!

Tom Wall Photo 01Tom Wall Photo 02Tom Wall Photo 03Tom Wall Photo 04Tom Wall Photo 04aTom Wall Photo 04bTom Wall Photo 05Tom Wall Photo 06Tom Wall Photo 07Tom Wall Photo 08Tom Wall Photo 08aTom Wall Photo 11Tom Wall Photo 11aTom Wall Photo 12Tom Wall Photo 13Tom Wall Photo 14Tom Wall Photo 15Tom Wall Photo 16Tom Wall Photo 17Tom Wall Photo 18Tom Wall Photo 19Tom Wall Photo 20

wallis & joel’s summer engagement session, downtown albany, ny

What can I say about these two? Well, they have their own view of things, for sure, and an awesome sense of personal style, too. Wallis is right up front with everything, while it takes just a little longer to get to know Joel. It’s worth the time, though–this guy is amazing. For one thing, he is sooo into her…as he should be. And he’s funny and smart–just a very cool guy. They are great parents to Apollo, their boxer, who, in turn, is a very cool, smart dog. Seems to understand complete sentences with no problem.

We shot in Washington Park first, then headed over to Academy Park, the Court of Appeals, and the State Ed. Building–classic, quintessential Albany. Love, love shooting in these areas, and Wallis & Joel brought their A-game, so it was great fun shooting them.

We’re so psyched about shooting their Sagamore wedding this fall…from what I hear, you’ll see photos of the Sagamore in a whole new light. Can’t wait. In the meantime, enjoy this little taste of another fabulous TWP couple!

Tom Wall Photo 001

And just how pretty is she, right?

Tom Wall Photo 002

Family portrait, with Apollo.

Tom Wall Photo 005

Umm, guys, could you just do a little dance turn for me?Tom Wall Photo 003 Tom Wall Photo 004 Tom Wall Photo 006 Tom Wall Photo 007) Tom Wall Photo 007a

Tom Wall Photo 008Mm-hmm.Tom Wall Photo 009 Tom Wall Photo 010

Tom Wall Photo 012

Boom. Just a slightly different vibe for round 2!Tom Wall Photo 013 Tom Wall Photo 014 Tom Wall Photo 015 Tom Wall Photo 016 Tom Wall Photo 017 Tom Wall Photo 018 Tom Wall Photo 019 Tom Wall Photo 020 Tom Wall Photo 021 Tom Wall Photo 022 Tom Wall Photo 023 Tom Wall Photo 024 Tom Wall Photo 025 Tom Wall Photo 026 Tom Wall Photo 027


sarah & keir, revolution hall, troy ny

Sarah & Keir…what a cool couple! They booked us just a few weeks before the wedding, so we hadn’t met in person before the big day–still, right from the start, it was so fun working with them. The first thing Sarah said to me was that she’s very self-conscious with photos, and that she wasn’t very good at it. Hmmm…see what you think, but I think she killed it!

One thing we kept noticing was just how plain oldĀ nice Sarah & Keir were–to each other and everyone present. The wedding was small–family and a few close friends–so we could really see the connections with everyone there. After the First Look and portraits in Albany, we went over to Brown’s Brewing/Revolution Hall in Troy for the ceremony and reception–as always, Carrie and her Rev Hall staff were on top of every detail…love shooting there! One of my favorite moments came a little later in the day, when Keir’s father Greg told a very funny story that involved Keir (years ago, don’t worry) asking for “radioactive material…you know, weapons grade” for an experiment he was working on. You had to be there for the full impact, but you get the idea, I’m sure.

All in all, we had a great day with Sarah & Keir…all the best to a great, fun couple!

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