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a june wedding at the sagamore–rebecca & alex

A beautiful day at the Sagamore is as beautiful as days get, in my opinion. Lake George, the mountains, the exquisite property…it’s so hard to top. Then, add in an amazing wedding, and the day is complete. The crew from Lipstick n Lashes had all the girls looking beautiful, and the spectacular flowers from Surroundings Floral Design added yet another level of beauty and elegance, as always. And of course, Ashley and her Sagamore crew were on top of every detail.

With all that, I’m excited for you to see these images! Rebecca & Alex said their I Do’s under blue skies with perfect puffy clouds. Their First Look was beautiful, and we followed that up with some spectacular portraits. As you’ll see below, the Wedding Party was a pretty big one…23 in all—I always love working with groups like this, as there’s an energy and a party atmosphere that is so fun to capture.

Wishing all the best for a lifetime of happiness to a great couple—here’s to Rebecca and Alex!

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nicole & zach at shakespeare on the hudson, catskill, and the omi international arts center, omi, ny

So Nicole and Zach are not my “typical” clients…if there even is such a thing. I knew from my first meeting with these two that there would be nothing ordinary about their wedding–to say I was right would be an understatement. When Nicole told me she wanted to take the Wedding Party over to the Omi Arts Center for photos with the sculptures there, my feelings were doubly confirmed.

The wedding day, as it turned out, was the only sunny day in the middle of a long stretch of rain, so that helped to put everyone in a great mood, I think. We had never worked at Shakespeare on the Hudson, in Catskill–it’s out of the box, just like our bride and groom, and yes, just as cool as it looks in these photos. There’s no doubt that all of Nicole and Zach’s choices contributed to the overall amazingness of this day, but so did their really, really cool group of friends and family members. What a bunch…from the moment we walked in the door, we felt like we were old friends with all of them.

The First Look was such a great moment–it usually is, for sure, but we really loved the look of this one, with that strong sunlight coming into the atrium of the house. Nicole and Zach’s personalities really popped in our portraits, and then the Wedding Party photos were super fun, too. Our trip to the Omi Arts Center was off the hook–no words can quite describe it, but you’ll see it all below! The ceremony is often not the most incredible part of a wedding day, to be honest, from a photographer’s point of view–in this case, though, listening to Nicole and Zach’s very personal vows, coupled with brother-in-law Ian’s hilarious and at the same time touching officiating, made me realize all over again how truly blessed we are to get to be a part of celebrations like Nicole and Zach’s.

Enjoy this photo essay of a day we were proud to be a part of.

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grace & matt — a stunning spring wedding at the sagamore resort

Whoa. What an incredible day we spent at the Sagamore with Grace and Matt and their awesome friends and families. We’re so lucky to have the clients we get to work with, and we really clicked with these two. It seemed like we laughed all day long—it was amazing from beginning to end.

Grace is smart and funny and beautiful and elegant and down-to-earth and thoughtful and yes, I could go on and on. But the coolest thing? All of that applies to Matt, too (well, let’s substitute handsome for beautiful). As always, though, great wedding photos are about the relationship more than the individuals–the chemistry Grace and Matt share is clear in the photos, and says so much about who they are and what makes them go.

Then there’s the Sagamore, too,on a day like we had for this wedding. Plus, there’s our ride in the Miss Boathouse, Joe & Patti Silipigno’s amazing Hacker Craft. Hard to top, for sure—the lake and the mountains and the docks and the elegance of the hotel all combine to make it an amazing backdrop for a story like Grace and Matt’s. All the best to this great couple—hope you love the photos!Coopens 0019 LR Coopens 0039 LR Coopens 0403 LR Coopens 0795 LR

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susie & steve — a spectacular wedding at the cathedral of the immaculate conception, albany, and franklin plaza, troy

What can I say about this amazing couple and their beautiful wedding day? Well, I can definitely say it was a truly great way to get the 2017 wedding season underway for all of us at TWP. And that they were super easy-going and fun to work with all day long.  Oh, yes, and that they’re a beautiful couple to photograph, too. And I don’t want to forget their wedding party and families in my list of superlatives…all great, fun people to work with.

So we started out with the guys getting ready in Troy, and the girls at Susie’s parents’ house in Glenmont. You can always sense how the day will go within minutes of arriving and starting to shoot, and we knew right away that this would be fun. Really fun. One of Susie’s bridesmaids was a former TWP bride, so it was awesome seeing Christie and , later on, her husband Matt. Then it was on to the Cathedral in downtown Albany—no photographer I know complains about shooting in this amazing church. In spite of a pretty intimidating weather forecast right up to the day before the wedding, we were able to do our Wedding Party shots and some beautiful portraits of Susie & Steve outside, over at the State Ed. Building…yes, another photographer’s dream location. And, to top it all off, we ended our day at Franklin Plaza—from rooftop terrace photos, the always mind-blowing cocktail hour, watching the Kentucky Derby on the 12 foot screen in the amazing third floor lounge, then dinner and dancing…every minute of this day was spectacular.

A big thank you to Susie & Steve—it was an honor to be part of your day. Hope you enjoy our story in photos.

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