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katie & jeff, lake placid lodge, lake placid, ny

Katie & Jeff, St. Agnes RC Church and Lake Placid Lodge, Lake Placid, NY

After you’ve written intros for a couple of hundred wedding blog posts, it can be a challenge coming up with new things to say and new ways to describe the amazing events we’re so honored to document in photographs. Every wedding and every couple and every venue…so different, yet so fantastic, in so many ways. My first emails and conversations with Katie made me fully aware that this was going to be another great day in my life as a wedding photographer, and that turned out to be so incredibly right on.

My crew (my amazing second photographer Lauren Lucente and our assistant Melissa) and I hadn’t met Katie & Jeff in person, but on walking into the Whiteface Suite at Lake Placid Lodge, I knew that all my hopes for the day would come true. Katie is as warm and fun and smart and all-around wonderful as anybody you’ll meet, and she and Jeff crack each other up continually. A photographer who wants his bride and groom just to listen and do what he or she says will soon discover that Katie & Jeff’s natural interaction with each other gets waaay better results. They’re both amazing to be around, and the bare minimum of direction is all that’s needed. Awesome, if you ask me!

I think you’ll see what I’m talking about in the photos below, and I don’t feel that adding a description of the day will add anything–if you’re still reading this, I’m sure you just want to see how we told Katie & Jeff’s wedding story in photos. Hope you enjoy it! And all our very best to Katie & Jeff–wishing you a lifetime of laughs and happiness.