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lindsey & nick’s engagement session, the mount, lenox, ma

This couple. Loved them from the first time we talked. I think it’s unbelievably obvious from the photos below, but Lindsey is about as full of energy as people get. Funny, laughing all the time. Nick is definitely the solid, quieter type–again, obvious in our photos!

I’ve wanted to do a shoot at The Mount in Lenox for a long time. It’s the former home of novelist Edith Wharton (The Age of Innocence, Ethan Frome), and from a photographer’s perspective, it’s an amazing location. Beautiful and unique, everywhere you look. Thank you, Edith. We ended up doing this session in two parts…can you say stomach bug! Yes, right in the middle of the shoot…first time for everything, I guess. I’m not naming names, but it wasn’t Lindsey! Or the photographers. But, we reconvened on another perfect evening in the Berkshires and completed the session. So glad we did, too–when you have an amazing couple, in a spectacular location…you definitely want to squeeze every ounce of amazingness out of it! Thanks to Lindsey & Nick for being so cool and fun–and just wait for their wedding next summer. Hint, it’s going to be in a very different, yet similarly gorgeous location.

For now, I hope you enjoy our work on this session. I’m feeling like Lindsey & Nick and Tom Wall Photography make a pretty good team.

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alexis & nadim, the sagamore resort, bolton landing, ny

So excited about this blog post! First off, get to know Alexis & Nadim a little bit by checking out their engagement session. We had a great time walking around the Meatpacking District, and then shooting some more down at Brookfield Place. (In the first few photos, you’ll see the adorable Mr. Chap, too!) So we knew going in that this was going to be a fabulous wedding, with a couple that we love hanging around with. Alexis, besides looking absolutely smashing in all these photos, is about as laid back and easy-going as brides come, in my experience. While the same can not exactly be said of Nadim, he’s funny about his fastidious nature and wanting to be sure every detail was just exactly right. (I’m a little bit like that myself, so I get it!) All in all, it was an incredible celebration with two great families coming together, and a lot of awesome friends, too.
Enjoy the story of their day!
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ashley & chris, the mountain top inn & resort, chittenden, vt

Ashley & Chris…what can I say about these two? Super nice, fun, thoughtful, sincere, thorough, funny. Oh, and amazing wedding planners, too (I think Ashley gets most of the credit on this one). Before we go on, you have to take a quick peek back at their engagement session–really loved getting to know “A&C” on this shoot last summer. I knew right away that their wedding would be a great day, too.
Whenever we work at a new venue, I make a trip there to scout it out and find the best locations for photos–it turned out that the Mountain Top Inn is full of amazing places for pictures. Very cool, with an unmistakable Vermont vibe. Ashley ordered up a perfect blue sky early summer day–absolutely beautiful. Families and friends were also truly great to work with, and contributed to the amazing day we spent with this great couple. All our best wishes to Ashley & Chris for many happy years together!

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adrienne & jason, the inn at erlowest, lake george, ny

Every now and then in this business, you get a really nice surprise! During our planning, I had a few phone calls with Adrienne and Jason, but just one short face-to-face meeting. They seemed great, and we were looking forward to a beautiful wedding, as we always do. But…on their wedding day, both Adrienne and Jason were, sorry for the overused term…amazing! And the same goes for their friends and families–just a really fun bunch of people to work with. Adrienne and Jason both looked spectacular, and were relaxed and easy-going through the whole day. Thanks to both of you for making our job so fun!
The Inn at Erlowest on Lake George is an awesome wedding venue, for sure, and Alexis and her crew always make sure everything is perfect, from beginning to end. There is no better DJ around than Mike Garassi of Music Man Entertainment, and he also just happens to be an awesome guy. Flowers from Renaissance Floral Design always rock–check them out in the photos below. And the Tom Wall Photography PhotoBooth was keeping the guests amused all night, too!
Congratulations and best wishes to Adrienne and Jason! Now go enjoy these photos.
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