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justine & craig, september 4, 2015, st. john the evangelist, schenectady, and the glen sanders mansion, scotia, ny

People who know me well know it’s not often that I’m at a loss for words, but trying to come up with the right words to describe Justine & Craig and their wedding day is proving really difficult. There are all the usual superlatives–fantastic, awesome, spectacular, amazing–and they all fit. But there was something special and unique about this couple on this day. First, Craig was one of the most sensitive and caring grooms I’ve had the pleasure of working with–truly a great guy (first groom I’ve ever seen who brought flowers for the bride to the First Look). Next, Justine put so much of herself into making this day perfect in every way and every detail, and proved to be equally perfect herself–beautiful, classy, fun…every positive adjective I can think of works here.
I can’t end this without a special shout out to Justine’s father Joe–if anyone who was there had a dry eye during his speech and dance with Justine, I didn’t see them. A particularly special moment in this day full of great moments.
So I’ll keep this short, and let you see the story of Justine & Craig’s wedding in our photos–if we did our job well, you’ll see what I mean when I say this was a spectacular day for all.

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mallory & brent, july 18, 2015, the sagamore, bolton landing, ny

I remember meeting Mallory & Brent at a Sagamore menu tasting event, and I loved them right from that first conversation. That feeling has only grown as I’ve gotten to know them better over the past year. We had a really fun engagement shoot on Trout Lake and in Lake George village, and throughout our planning, they’ve been nothing but nice, easy, and fun to work with. Sometimes, though, all of that doesn’t fully prepare you for the wedding day, and this was a good example of that! Mallory’s parents, Margaret and Gary, did the flowers and the overall design of the day themselves–this blog can not be posted without acknowledging their amazing work. People use that word “amazing” for all sorts of things that are definitely not, but I feel confident that you’ll agree with it here–I’ve never seen the Sagamore look more beautiful for the ceremony, the cocktail hour, and the reception. Yeah, they rocked all of that.
But back to Mallory & Brent! Mallory suggested that she and her bridesmaids go outside for some croquet before they finished getting ready for the ceremony…turned out to be a great photo op. Mallory’s personality shines through in a lot of the photos, but as you’ll see, Brent definitely holds his own, too…and that’s saying a lot. Through all of our portraits, these guys were just a ton of fun to be around. The entire wedding party and both families were pretty awesome, too, by the way, and we really appreciated them for it–definitely a fun bunch.
You’ll see some unique touches in this collection of photos, too, which I always love. But what I love most about this is what it says about our clients…and that’s the whole point of all these photos right? Hope you love the story that Mallory & Brent wrote, and we captured!2015-07-24_0001

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megan & kevin, august 8, 2015, the sagamore, bolton landing, ny

Some of you who frequent the TWP blog may recall Megan & Kevin’s really cool engagement session¬†which we shot in Boston a couple of months ago. We found a lot of great spots to shoot that show a lot of variety, and with these two in the photos, we made Boston look pretty darn good! Just as important, we got to know each other better, and that’s always a good thing for the wedding day–I love walking in the room where the bride is getting ready, with a good relationship already established. Definitely makes it more fun and just plain better for all concerned!
Megan & Kevin’s wedding day was every bit as wonderful and spectacular as you could imagine. The weather was perfect, the entire Wedding Party was great to work with, and both families were, as well. But as is always the case, the thing that made this day great, and makes our photos really work, is the amazing connection Megan & Kevin have with each other. Adding all the other elements rounds out the story, but the basis for everything is this amazing bride and groom.
I hope you love our photos, and feel that we captured the spirit of the day. Enjoy…




ashley & chris, the mountain top inn & resort, chittenden, vt

Ashley & Chris…what can I say about these two? Super nice, fun, thoughtful, sincere, thorough, funny. Oh, and amazing wedding planners, too (I think Ashley gets most of the credit on this one). Before we go on, you have to take a quick peek back at their engagement session–really loved getting to know “A&C” on this shoot last summer. I knew right away that their wedding would be a great day, too.
Whenever we work at a new venue, I make a trip there to scout it out and find the best locations for photos–it turned out that the Mountain Top Inn is full of amazing places for pictures. Very cool, with an unmistakable Vermont vibe. Ashley ordered up a perfect blue sky early summer day–absolutely beautiful. Families and friends were also truly great to work with, and contributed to the amazing day we spent with this great couple. All our best wishes to Ashley & Chris for many happy years together!

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