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jackie & trevor, hiland park country club, queensbury, ny

When you plan your wedding, part of what you see in your head is beautiful weather, right? And if it’s scheduled for October in upstate NY, I’m sure you’re seeing beautiful foliage in all your amazing outdoor photos. Ahhh…it doesn’t always go that way, though–sometimes it just rains and rains all day long. That’s what we got on Jackie & Trevor’s wedding day, but, this amazing couple didn’t let the conditions affect them at all. We had a great time making the best of what we had to work with–luckily, Hiland Park had some great indoor alternatives for us.

Hope you enjoy our story of Jackie & Trevor’s day!

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tammy & kevin, the gideon putnam hotel, saratoga springs, ny

I remember the first time I spoke with Kevin on the phone, and how our senses of humor meshed perfectly–he’s a super nice guy and I could tell how important it was to him to get great photos of the wedding day. Then, the next time we talked, Tammy was on, too, and it was also clear what a great couple they are–caring, thoughtful, fun…I just knew they’d have great families and friends, and that the wedding day would be a great celebration.

I called it right–enjoy the photos…

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jen & justin, blessed sacrament church and the sagamore, bolton landing, ny

Sometimes I just have to say “wow, what a great business I’m in”!  Jen & Justin’s wedding day at the Sagamore was spectacular–they’re a super fun couple, and we had a ball with them all day long. Everything went like clockwork, and we even had time for a ride on the “Miss Boathouse”, a truly beautiful boat owned by “Captain” Joe Silipigno, the owner of the nearby Boathouse B&B. This was definitely a highlight of the day–being out on Lake George with an awesome couple on a perfect day–what could be better!

Enjoy Jen & Justin’s wedding day story…

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danielle & jason, the sagamore, bolton landing, ny

A great location, awesome families and friends, and a truly amazing couple–sounds like a recipe for success to me! Danielle & Jason’s wedding was that and more, and we felt lucky to be a part of it all. The weather was less than cooperative, as it can be in the Adirondacks, but nothing could dampen the spirits of this group. Truly a fabulous day, elegant and sophisticated in every way…but most of all, it was really fun for everyone present. Congratulations to Danielle & Jason–all our best wishes!

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