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chelsea & joe, the cathedral of the immaculate conception, albany, and glen sanders mansion, scotia, ny

Sometimes when I’m writing these blog posts, I don’t even know where to begin…and this is definitely one of those times. All the usual words apply here…awesome, amazing, gorgeous, spectacular…they describe every aspect of Chelsea & Joe’s wedding, but they hardly go far enough! Our bride and groom, their families, the wedding party…all so great to work with and so much fun to be around.

We also got to work with a great group of wedding pros on this event. Katie O’ Weddings & Events (Katie herself, and her assistants Nora and Casey), kept everything running like clockwork and handled every detail; PartyWith Mia gave us beautiful flowers and decorations to work with; Chelsea’s dress from DeAnna’s was amazing; Amanda and the entire team at Glen Sanders Mansion were perfect, as always; and Paul DeBiase and Grand Central Station were super fun and kept the dance floor packed. Thanks to all!

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nate, lori and madi in downtown albany, ny

What a cool family this is! I really had fun meeting Nate and Lori and their completely adorable daughter Madi. We found some pretty spots to shoot and tried to contain Madi’s boundless energy just a little bit–I love how kids that age can manage to command the attention of everybody present! Lori’s mom Jean was on hand for peek-a-boo duty–always the best way ever invented to get the attention of kids. Often works with adults, too! Can’t wait to do more with these guys in the future!

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meg & phil, st. mary’s church, ticonderoga, and the inn at erlowest, lake george, ny

I loved these two from our very first meeting! Smart, nice, funny…I can’t say enough good stuff about them. The same goes for their families and friends–we really enjoyed getting to know them all. An October wedding in the Adirondacks is always spectacular, and this one was no exception to that rule! It had been a while since we had driven alongside Lake George all the way up to Ticonderoga…wow!

And…I always like to mention my great friends at Angela’s Bridal in Albany. Whenever a bride tells me that her dress is from Angela’s, I always know it’s going to be something super special. I think Meg looked amazing…how about you? And I can’t forget Alexis Wallace and the entire crew at the Inn at Erlowest–she’s fantastic and so is this beautiful location!

I think you’ll get a good feel for this truly great couple–a big thanks to Meg & Phil for letting us tell their story. Enjoy!

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theresa & david, the sagamore, bolton landing, ny

I met this great couple at a Sagamore event last fall, and loved them right from the start. These are two smart and successful people, and I enjoyed every minute of working with them. I especially loved their 1st Look, where their feelings for each other were so clear…truly a beautiful day in every way.

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