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erin & eric, saratoga national golf club, saratoga springs, ny

What can I say about this great couple? I loved Erin & Eric from our first meeting, and my instincts proved to be correct on their wedding day! They were both fun and easy-going, but that was a result of Erin’s meticulous planning–she left no detail unaccounted for, so she could be relaxed and in the moment when the day finally arrived. Definitely the way to do it, imo! And even though it was really¬†cold outside, they were both ready and willing to go along with every idea we had.

We also got to work with a great group of wedding pros on this event.¬†Traci Montanino and the Saratoga National team are always amazing (thank you Shannon and Tatyanna…always great working with you guys!), Fine Affairs added some special touches to the decor in the ballroom, and it is always a real pleasure to work any event with DJ Mike Garrasi of Music Man entertainment. Thanks to all!

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darlene and mindy, january 9, 2015, the wilson chapel at skidmore college and saratoga national golf club, saratoga springs, ny

I love this business I’m in. I constantly get to meet and work with great couples, couples who have planned a most meaningful and joyous event, with all their closest friends and family present to share the day and show their support. It means so much to me to be able to record and preserve memories of these amazing days for people like Darlene and Mindy–a smart, fun pair, and so clearly in love. Truly an honor…
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chelsea & joe, the cathedral of the immaculate conception, albany, and glen sanders mansion, scotia, ny

Sometimes when I’m writing these blog posts, I don’t even know where to begin…and this is definitely one of those times. All the usual words apply here…awesome, amazing, gorgeous, spectacular…they describe every aspect of Chelsea & Joe’s wedding, but they hardly go far enough! Our bride and groom, their families, the wedding party…all so great to work with and so much fun to be around.

We also got to work with a great group of wedding pros on this event. Katie O’ Weddings & Events (Katie herself, and her assistants Nora and Casey), kept everything running like clockwork and handled every detail; PartyWith Mia gave us beautiful flowers and decorations to work with; Chelsea’s dress from DeAnna’s was amazing; Amanda and the entire team at Glen Sanders Mansion were perfect, as always; and Paul DeBiase and Grand Central Station were super fun and kept the dance floor packed. Thanks to all!

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nate, lori and madi in downtown albany, ny

What a cool family this is! I really had fun meeting Nate and Lori and their completely adorable daughter Madi. We found some pretty spots to shoot and tried to contain Madi’s boundless energy just a little bit–I love how kids that age can manage to command the attention of everybody present! Lori’s mom Jean was on hand for peek-a-boo duty–always the best way ever invented to get the attention of kids. Often works with adults, too! Can’t wait to do more with these guys in the future!

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