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ann & will at the inn at erlowest, lake george, ny

It’s always difficult to convey anything very meaningful about the real character and personalities of our amazing wedding couples in a short blog post. So, for now, all I can say is that Ann & Will are a very special couple, and one that I’ll always remember. Ann is one of the strongest people I know, facing difficult circumstances with grace and humor; Will is her rock, for sure, and definitely a completely solid, great guy. Wishing you all the best!

This was our second Erlowest wedding in just a couple of weeks, and let me say that Alexis Wallace and her crew always impress us–it’s a beautiful place, and they all do a fantastic job with every aspect of the day, large and small. And a special mention to DJ Lee Waddell–always fun working with him, and he always does a great job!

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kristen & ed at shenendehowa united methodist church, clifton park, and mohawk river country club, rexford, ny

Our amazing streak of beautiful weekends continued for Kristen & Ed’s wedding, and the entire day turned out to be fabulous in every way! What’s not to like, right! A gorgeous bride, a handsome groom, super fun families and friends, and great locations…I’ll take that combination every time!

Enjoy the photos…

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ann & bob at the inn at erlowest, lake george, ny

We’ve been lucky with the weather on our wedding days so far this season, and we certainly had a gorgeous one on this day…but that was just a small part of what made Ann & Bob’s wedding so thoroughly spectacular. The fact that every single detail was thought of and planned for helped a lot, but the thing that really made this wedding was simply the true joy of the bride and groom. Sounds corny, maybe, but I think it’s true, and I think it shows in the story our photos tell. We loved working with Ann & Bob on their wedding day, and can’t wait to get going on their album!

A great team of wedding pros always helps make the day go smoothly, too. Alexis Wallace and her crew at Erlowest are amazing, Susan Cady from Finishing Touches gave us some gorgeous flowers to work with, and the team from NuVue Cinema was capturing every moment on video. Ann’s gorgeous dress was from DeAnna’s Bridal, and the guys looked perfect in their tuxes from Choppa & Son.

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sara & dan at the sagamore, bolton landing, ny; reception aboard the morgan

Once again, we had a perfect day at the Sagamore for Sara & Dan’s spectacular wedding. What a great couple–Sara is full of energy and a ton of fun, while Dan’s quieter sense of humor had us all laughing. The ceremony was on the Upper Veranda, amazing views of the lake included! Then, for something a little different, we all boarded the Sagamore’s beautiful 72-foot yacht, the Morgan. It was just a little breezy at first (OK, more than a little!), but being out on the lake was spectacular. As the sun went down, so did the wind, and it turned out to be a perfect evening for a party on the lake. And yes–these two know how to have a good time!

Thanks to a great couple…hope you love the photos!

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