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katee & john, franklin plaza, troy, ny

We had a ton of fun with Katee & John on their wedding day–I really enjoyed getting to know this great couple over the previous year, and I knew this was going to be an awesome event. I’m constantly amazed at how distinctive each wedding party is, and I think you’ll get the idea from the photos that this was a truly fun, friendly group.

Every Franklin Plaza wedding is special, and this one was 100% true to my experience there–elegant, classy, great food and service, and a super friendly team, led by Greg Cushman and Joe Zaluski. Another constant is Angela’s Bridal–I always look forward to seeing a brides in her dress from Angela’s, and they’re always amazing! Part of this, I’m sure, is because Janet Cooper and the entire staff there is so top notch, and they make sure each and every client looks their absolute best. Recently, I’ve worked a couple of times with Shelley Hutchinson, from Shelley Salon & Day Spa – she does a great job with hair and makeup, is super efficient with the time she has, and is really fun to be around…thanks, Shelley!

So enjoy this little peak into Katee & John’s spectacular day!

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diane & eric, saratoga national golf club, saratoga springs, ny

Their wedding was booked many months ago, but I finally met Diane & Eric in person when we got together for their engagement session a couple of months ago–click here to see the post from that amazing session. Within minutes, I could feel the unique connection between these two–I always love it when a couple acts like they’re all alone in the world, just vibin’ with each other.

That feeling carried over to their wedding day…and what a day it was! Diane & Eric’s 1st Look at Yaddo Gardens was awesome, then it was over to Saratoga National, where Sara and Cassy did their always amazing job of attending to every detail. Always love working at SNGC weddings!

My best wishes to this great couple…enjoy the photos!

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jessica & dan on lake george

I’m really excited about working with Jessica and Dan on their wedding day next year! They’re a great couple to be around, and I know we’ll have a lot of fun together. If the engagement session is any indication, we’re going to knock it out of the park, for sure!

And speaking of which…on an absolutely perfect summer afternoon, we started off from Bolton Landing in Jessica’s parents’ boat (special thanks to the Captain and First Mate!). We went to a couple of my favorite spots on the lake—Paradise Bay and the Black Mountain picnic area—I absolutely love the photos we got there and along the way. Then we headed back to the marina, and made a quick dash to the Sagamore for some final photos on the dock, in the last light of the day.

Can’t wait for Jessica and Dan’s big day in 2015! Enjoy these photos…

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lindsey & mike, the otesaga resort hotel, cooperstown, ny

I never had the chance to meet Lindsey and Mike in person until just a couple of weeks before their wedding, but I knew I was going to love them…not to mention the amazing wedding they were planning at the Otesaga Resort Hotel in beautiful Cooperstown, NY. We had talked on the phone and emailed quite a lot, and it all felt so easy and comfortable. Once the wedding day finally arrived–over a year and a half after our first conversations–it all came together right from the first moment. I guess a baseball analogy is inevitable, given the location, so I’ll just say we hit a home run!

The Otesaga is an amazing place, and Melissa Reinheimer’s crew there nailed every aspect of the day. All good, from beginning to end…enjoy the photos!

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