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christy & anthony, canfield casino, saratoga springs, ny

Christy and Anthony had a gorgeous wedding at the Canfield Casino. We absolutely love shooting there–the Casino has an ambiance that is truly one-of-a-kind, classy and elegant in that uniquely Saratoga way. We started the day at the Gideon Putnam, so another great Saratoga spot was covered there. I think you’ll agree that Christy and Anthony chose a beautiful look and style for their big day, and I can tell you that this was a great group to work with! Enjoy the photos.

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emily & dan, the sagamore resort, bolton landing, ny

I met Emily & Dan for the first time at the Sagamore’s menu tasting event last fall–we had a great conversation, and I felt we were very much on the same page as we discussed what they wanted their wedding photography to be, and how our style would fit with their expectations. We talked for quite a while, under the circumstances, and I recall being very taken with the relaxed, easy-going feeling I got from both Emily and Dan. As the wedding day approached, and we got more into the details and the timeline for the day, all of that cool, laid back vibe remained completely intact! And when the big day finally arrived, the emotional connection Emily and Dan share was beautiful to see, and to be a part of. Being chosen to document a couple’s day is a great honor, and this wedding was a perfect reminder of what I love about being in this business. Hope you love the story our photos tell.

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michelle & paul at the inn at erlowest, lake george, ny

You may remember Michelle & Paul’s engagement session from last year–it was one of my favorites from the entire year, and we had a great time getting to know each other better, too. So, after that, we were really looking forward to the wedding day, and were definitely not disappointed! First of all, the day was perfect–nice and sunny, but just a little softening of the light from some thin clouds. Perfect–I’ll take this every time.

But, as I always say, great wedding photos are rarely about the weather or the locations–it’s the people that make it all special and worthwhile. Michelle & Paul were great all day long, as you’ll see, and so were their friends and families. Special compliments to our bride, whose style and taste are second to none. See what you think from the photos below!

It’s always fun working at Erlowest–it’s a beautiful place and Alexis Wallace and the rest of the staff there are always perfect. David Michael Schmidt from Renaissance Floral Design and his team did their usual outstanding work, too.

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james taylor at tanglewood, lenox, ma, july 3 & 4, 2014

It’s not every day that you’re asked to photograph a true icon of the American music scene, so when James Taylor’s assistant asked me to shoot his concerts at Tanglewood on July 3rd and 4th, I naturally jumped at the chance. It turned out to be an amazing experience in a number of ways, but the main thing for me was doing my best to capture the essence of the concerts, and the personality of this truly great artist.
Due to my contract on this job, I can only post three photos…sorry–there are a lot more I wish I could share! Here’s a small sampling from the soundchecks and concerts–enjoy!
2014-07-28_0002 2014-07-28_0003