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wedding–jessica & lindon, the cathedral and nys museum, albany, ny

Okay. Jess and Lindon. Where to begin in telling you about this truly unique wedding? Cool, sharp, and sophisticated…yes. Beautiful, handsome, and full of style…for sure. Fun, creative, out-of-the-box thinkers…absolutely! I’m sure I could go on, but you get the idea. So first, we did this amazing engagement session last year. Even before shooting that session, I knew these guys were something special–Lindon is not the kind of guy to just call and book you without running you through the wringer a bit–so we’d already had quite a bit of conversation about his ideas. Oh, I almost forgot, when he booked me, he hadn’t even asked Jess to marry him yet…did I mention out-of-the-box thinking?

As the wedding day approached, Lindon kept telling me about all the stuff he was making–check out the games and activities on the Museum terrace for cocktail hour–yes, he made all of it! I knew Jess was going to look amazing on her big day–she’s beautiful and has awesome taste, so no brainer there. But take a look at Lindon in that fabulous blue tux. Cut it out! The big day arrived, and we had more women getting ready in a postage-stamp sized space than I’ve ever seen. Ever. It was awesome…we all climbed over each other for an hour or so. Then I went to see Lindon and the guys for some photos–and they had like an acre and a half…crazy. So now we’ve established that there is nothing normal about this day…and I mean that in only the very best way! (Big shout out also to the Renaissance Hotel, a beautiful addition to downtown Albany!

Jess & Lindon’s First Look was one of my favorites in a while! Love shooting on the street in Albany, such a great look. And they rocked it, letting their feelings for each other show. Then, the Wedding Party joined us and we traveled to some classic downtown locations–more beautiful people and a really, really fun bunch. The Roman Catholic Cathedral is as spectacular and dramatic as any church in the area; we always love shooting there. And then we all took a short walk up Madison Ave. to the NYS Museum for the cocktail hour and reception. Again, for sheer drama on an amazing level, this venue would be hard to top. Looking out over the Empire State Plaza at night is as beautiful as cityscapes get, in my opinion.

We have nothing but respect and admiration for this great couple–they’re amazing, and so was their entire wedding day, from beginning to end.

Enough words…now enjoy the photos!

Renaissance Hotel Renaissance Albany Hotel beautiful bride Renaissance Albany Hotel paul-1098-edit Albany, NY First Look paul-1119-2 first look paul-1188-2 paul-1222-2 paul-1261-edit Wedding portrait paul-1437-2 beautiful couple paul-1566 paul-1568 downtown albany, ny paul-1649 paul-1705  paul-1734paul-1712 Wedding Party Wedding Party NYS Education Dept. paul-1985 paul-2016-2 paul-2054-2 Empire State Plaza NYS Museum paul-2787-2 Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Albany, NY Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Albany, NY Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Albany, NY Wedding Ceremony Wedding Ceremony Wedding Ceremony Wedding Ceremony paul-3153 Empire State Plaza, Albany, NY paul-3295 NYS Museumpaul-3815paul-3861First Dancepaul-4082paul-3721NYS Museum WeddingEmpire State Plaza, Albany, NY

danielle & louis’s lake george engagement session

If you’re a photographer, you look for a connection between people before anything else. Of course, there are a lot of elements that contribute to the results of any shoot…style, the weather, locations, and much more…but it’s that connection that is always present in the strongest photos. About the very first thing that I noticed when we started this engagement session was that Danielle and Louis are really into each other, and seemed perfectly comfortable showing it. Then, on top of that, they’re also super fun and funny, have great style, and are just so cool to hang with. Oh, I’m not done here…we started at The Sagamore in Bolton Landing on Lake George (fantastic location? check!) on an absolutely perfect summer evening. But then, just for a little variety, we hopped on the Miss Boathouse, the fabulous Hacker-Craft owned by Joe and Patti Silipigno, also owners of the Boathouse B&B in Bolton Landing. So we head on out, play around shooting in front of The Sagamore for a few minutes…and then Captain Joe put the hammer down and we cruise over to Paradise Bay…one of the coolest spots on a lake absolutely filled with them. By now, you’ve figured this out, right? Everything came together for all of us, but my suggestion for right now–take a look at this selection of engagement photos, and know that there will be many more from their September 2017 wedding day. Enjoy!

The Sagamore  Engagement photos The Sagamore Engagement photos The Sagamore The Sagamore The Sagamore  The Sagamore The Sagamore  Engagement photos Lake George The Sagamore Engagement photos Lake George Tom Wall Photography DeSantis0778-2 The Sagamore The Sagamore Engagement photos Lake George  Tom Wall Photography The Sagamore Engagement photos  Boathouse B&B Engagement photos Tom Wall Photography Engagement photos Engagement photos Lake George  Engagement photos Boathouse B&B

By the way, I always like to give credit where it’s due–my amazing second shooter Lauren Lucente shot about half of these photos, and also did all of the editing. Thank you, Lauren!

lindsey & nick’s engagement session, the mount, lenox, ma

This couple. Loved them from the first time we talked. I think it’s unbelievably obvious from the photos below, but Lindsey is about as full of energy as people get. Funny, laughing all the time. Nick is definitely the solid, quieter type–again, obvious in our photos!

I’ve wanted to do a shoot at The Mount in Lenox for a long time. It’s the former home of novelist Edith Wharton (The Age of Innocence, Ethan Frome), and from a photographer’s perspective, it’s an amazing location. Beautiful and unique, everywhere you look. Thank you, Edith. We ended up doing this session in two parts…can you say stomach bug! Yes, right in the middle of the shoot…first time for everything, I guess. I’m not naming names, but it wasn’t Lindsey! Or the photographers. But, we reconvened on another perfect evening in the Berkshires and completed the session. So glad we did, too–when you have an amazing couple, in a spectacular location…you definitely want to squeeze every ounce of amazingness out of it! Thanks to Lindsey & Nick for being so cool and fun–and just wait for their wedding next summer. Hint, it’s going to be in a very different, yet similarly gorgeous location.

For now, I hope you enjoy our work on this session. I’m feeling like Lindsey & Nick and Tom Wall Photography make a pretty good team.

engagementThe MountThe MountLenoxTom Wall PhotographyThe MountThe MountEngagement photosThe MountThe MountEngagement photosThe MountThe MountDSC_1859-2Engagement photosEngagement photosTom Wall PhotographyThe MountTWP_6545TWP_6580-EditThe Mount           The MountEngagement photosEngagement photosThe MountThe MountTWP_7574The MountTWP_7668The MountThe MountThe Mount       TWP_7732-2 Engagement photos

justine & craig, september 4, 2015, st. john the evangelist, schenectady, and the glen sanders mansion, scotia, ny

People who know me well know it’s not often that I’m at a loss for words, but trying to come up with the right words to describe Justine & Craig and their wedding day is proving really difficult. There are all the usual superlatives–fantastic, awesome, spectacular, amazing–and they all fit. But there was something special and unique about this couple on this day. First, Craig was one of the most sensitive and caring grooms I’ve had the pleasure of working with–truly a great guy (first groom I’ve ever seen who brought flowers for the bride to the First Look). Next, Justine put so much of herself into making this day perfect in every way and every detail, and proved to be equally perfect herself–beautiful, classy, fun…every positive adjective I can think of works here.
I can’t end this without a special shout out to Justine’s father Joe–if anyone who was there had a dry eye during his speech and dance with Justine, I didn’t see them. A particularly special moment in this day full of great moments.
So I’ll keep this short, and let you see the story of Justine & Craig’s wedding in our photos–if we did our job well, you’ll see what I mean when I say this was a spectacular day for all.

2015-09-16_0004 2015-09-16_0005 2015-09-16_0006 2015-09-16_00072015-09-16_0009 2015-09-16_0010 2015-09-16_0011 2015-09-16_0012 2015-09-16_0013 2015-09-16_0014 2015-09-16_0015 2015-09-16_0016 2015-09-16_0017 2015-09-16_0018 2015-09-16_0019 2015-09-16_0020 2015-09-16_0021 2015-09-16_0022 2015-09-16_0023 2015-09-16_0024 2015-09-16_0025 2015-09-16_0026 2015-09-16_0027 2015-09-16_0028 2015-09-16_0029 2015-09-16_0030 2015-09-16_0031 2015-09-16_0032 2015-09-16_0033 2015-09-16_0034 2015-09-16_0035 2015-09-16_0036 2015-09-16_0037