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jessica & lindon’s engagement session, october 20, 2015, washington park, albany, ny

Here’s another couple we’re super excited to be working with in 2016–Jess and Lindon are full of style, and they’re really smart and fun to be around, too. Hope you love these photos from their fall engagement session!




















alexis & nadim’s engagement session, october 14, 2015, new york, ny

We’re really excited to be working with this great couple in 2016–Alexis & Nadim are planning a June wedding on Lake George, and we can’t wait! Their NYC engagement session was amazing–we met up in the Meatpacking District, and then after a quick change went downtown to Brookfield Place…an incredible variety of locations, for sure. Love shooting in the city, and we got lucky with some beautiful light on the river at sunset. As always, though, the best part of the day was just getting to know Alexis & Nadim better. Hope you enjoy the photos.

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brigid, jim, and elayna, october 19th, 2015, goold orchards, schodack, ny

Wow…how flattering is it when one of your favorite wedding couples ever contacts you to do a family portrait session a few years later? Well, in my case, I can say it’s really cool! Brigid and Jim are amazing, and now they have a little one to pass all that amazingness along to! As you’ll see, Elayna is just about as adorable as can be, and I was thrilled to be able to hang with her for a while.

For a little blast from the past, click here┬áto see Brigid & Jim’s wedding blog. (In the interest of full disclosure, I have a 40×40 inch canvas of these two hanging over my desk, so I think about their incredible day all the time.)

Thanks for letting me spend a little time with you and Elayna–looking forward to doing it again soon!


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amanda & chris, october 10, 2015, the inn at erlowest, lake george, ny

Every couple, every family, every wedding…so different! All in good ways, but still, different things stand out to me when I think back on the amazing events we’re privileged to document. In this case, the interaction between Amanda & Chris is front and center to me as I write this–so thoughtful and just plain nice to each other, in a hundred little ways–really a pleasure to be around and capture in photos. The vows they each wrote may be the very best example; I can’t share them here, of course, but their feelings for each other, as expressed in these wedding vows, clearly illustrated the nature of Amanda & Chris’s relationship. I’m sure this foundation will serve them well for many years to come.
We had a truly great day with these two, along with their friends and families. Hope you enjoy the story of their day.2015-10-21_0001 2015-10-21_0002 2015-10-21_0003 2015-10-21_0004 2015-10-21_0005 2015-10-21_0006 2015-10-21_0008 2015-10-21_0009 2015-10-21_0010 2015-10-21_0011 2015-10-21_0012 2015-10-21_0013 2015-10-21_0014 2015-10-21_0015 2015-10-21_0016 2015-10-21_0017 2015-10-21_0018 2015-10-21_0019 2015-10-21_0020 2015-10-21_0021 2015-10-21_0022 2015-10-21_0023 2015-10-21_0024 2015-10-21_0025 2015-10-21_0026 2015-10-21_0027 2015-10-21_0028 2015-10-21_0029 2015-10-21_0030 2015-10-21_0031 2015-10-21_0032 2015-10-21_0033 2015-10-21_0034 2015-10-21_0035 2015-10-21_0036 2015-10-21_0037 2015-10-21_0038 2015-10-21_0039