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justine & craig, september 4, 2015, st. john the evangelist, schenectady, and the glen sanders mansion, scotia, ny

People who know me well know it’s not often that I’m at a loss for words, but trying to come up with the right words to describe Justine & Craig and their wedding day is proving really difficult. There are all the usual superlatives–fantastic, awesome, spectacular, amazing–and they all fit. But there was something special and unique about this couple on this day. First, Craig was one of the most sensitive and caring grooms I’ve had the pleasure of working with–truly a great guy (first groom I’ve ever seen who brought flowers for the bride to the First Look). Next, Justine put so much of herself into making this day perfect in every way and every detail, and proved to be equally perfect herself–beautiful, classy, fun…every positive adjective I can think of works here.
I can’t end this without a special shout out to Justine’s father Joe–if anyone who was there had a dry eye during his speech and dance with Justine, I didn’t see them. A particularly special moment in this day full of great moments.
So I’ll keep this short, and let you see the story of Justine & Craig’s wedding in our photos–if we did our job well, you’ll see what I mean when I say this was a spectacular day for all.

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kate & pat’s engagement photos, september 7, 2015, yaddo gardens, saratoga springs, ny

We’re so excited about Kate & Pat’s 2016 Sagamore wedding–I just know this one is going to be awesome. It was great getting to know this really smart, sophisticated, fun couple while shooting their engagement session in Saratoga Springs. As you’ll see, we got lucky with a perfect day, and the photos at Yaddo Gardens have a sort of ethereal look as a result of some amazing light. After a quick change of outfits, we headed into town and soaked up that cool late summer Saratoga vibe…never a complaint there from me.

So get to know my new friends Kate & Pat, and enjoy the photos!










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molly & eric, august 22, 2015, rambling brook farm, arch bridge rd., ghent, ny

So, funny story… Got an email last year about a wedding to be held down in Ghent, in Columbia County. A lot of you know that I grew up in the neighboring town of Chatham, so you’ll understand that the location piqued my interest. When I wrote back, I asked for more infoon the location, and Eric said it would be held on the family farm, on a road he was sure I’d be unfamiliar with. Turns out, I knew exactly where Arch Bridge Rd. is–spent a lot of time there years ago, and we still have a photo I took there hanging in our house. Driving down to Rambling Brook Farm for Molly & Eric’s engagement session was definitely a bit of a trip down memory lane for me.
Fast forward to the wedding day… Molly and her fabulous bridesmaids were getting ready in a hotel (actually, the hotel) in Philmont, not far from the farm. Molly was about as relaxed and easy-going as brides come–we had a super-fun session there and at the pond out in back. Then it was over to the farm–the country vibe was seen and felt everywhere…and it was truly spectacular. The backdrop of pond and hills…well, I don’t know about you, but I really love it there. Jessica Pelton Rowell did her always amazing work officiating the ceremony. Our time with Molly & Eric and the wedding party after the ceremony was one of my favorite parts of the day…and notjust because we finally got to find some shade (yeah, it was hot!). This wedding party was so fun and helpful–truly willing to go the extra mile to be sure the photos were all they should be…thanks, all!!
I could go on, but I have always promised to make my wedding blog more about photos than words, so I hope you get the feel of this awesome day by seeing what we did there…along with this great couple, of course. Thanks for everything, Molly & Eric, and our best wishes for a lifetime of happiness!
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meghan & john, august 21, 2015, pat’s barn, rensselaer, ny

I remember meeting Meghan and John last year, and immediately thinking…yes, I want this one, for sure. Luckily, they felt the same about me, I guess! I just knew they were going to be a ton of fun to work with, and we proved that to be right on their engagement session last summer. For the wedding, we were blessed with a gorgeous hot summer day, and it was a beautiful and super-cool event in every way. I thought the guys looked great in their suit jackets and blue jeans, and that helped to set the tone for the entire day.
We started at Ambiance Salon, where the girls were just finishing up with their hair and makeup, then went over to Meghan’s mom’s house for the final preps and some photos. Meghan & John’s 1st Look was at Russell Sage in downtown Troy. I love shooting in that part of Troy–lots of variety, cool architecture, etc. And then it was on to Pat’s Barn for the outdoor ceremony with a truly unique twist–their unity ceremony was done with the making of a Jack and Coke, which Meghan & John seemed to enjoy quite a bit. Mazzone Catering always knocks it out of the park, so no surprise that the cocktail and hour and reception were just right–elegant, but with a country flair.
Congratulations to Meghan & John–here’s to a lifetime of happiness!
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